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Company History

Karavaran International Trading Company (KITCO) established in 1997. Since then it has been one of the leading trading companies in the fields of petroleum, petrochemical and Mineral products in Iran. The company main business is supplying petroleum and petrochemical products and by-products internationally.

The excellent business background has brought us the opportunity to register KITCO in several major oil companies worldwide.

In the year 2000 we created a joint venture with “Carbon Tech Company” as the first coal tar refinery in Esfahan to produce, market and supply a number of products such as Heavy oil, Naphtha, light oil, etc.

Our Business

1) Trading :
The company mainly deals with companies in the Persian Gulf region and has gained extensive connection with the end users in the region through dynamic marketing and inclusive connections. This attitude and business approach led us to penetrate other important markets in Middle East, Asia, South Africa and Europe.

Fuel Oil
Rubber Process Oil
Pygas (DPG) off grade
Crude Oil
Heavy Oil
Base Oil SN 150
Base Oil SN 650
Base Oil SN 500
Recycle Base Oil
Iron Ore
Hydrogenated Pyrolysis Gasoline (HPG)
Gas Condensate


  • M/S IRAN Petrochemical Commercial Company (IPCC)
  • M/S IRANOL Co.
  • Carbon Tech Group
  • Tehran Refinery
  • Abadan Refinery
  • Arak Petrochemical Complex
  • BIK Petrochemical Complex
  • Turkmenbashy Oil Refinery
  • Jam Petrochemical Company
  • Marun Petrochemical Company
  • National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Co. (NIOPDC)
  • SOMO (Iraqi State Oil Company)

    2) Projects :
    In addition to trading of petroleum and petrochemical products which is our main business, Karavaran is also known and experienced in the following areas:

  • Offshore marine services such as drilling services.
  • Management services and outsourcing related materials and equipments such as jack-up drilling rigs.
  • Business consulting on Exploration, oil field development and delineation projects.

    The company core team has a broad range of experience, knowledge and resources to meet the challenges of today’s business and to achieve long term and extensive business relationships with major companies and end users all over the world.


    Professionalism and openness to our existing clients and new customers
    International recognition through development and sustain consistency of quality services
    Ongoing and friendly relation with customers
    New Middle East biggest petrochemical supplier
    Expansion of team working to the relations with the clients
    Established relation with petrochemical clients worldwide
    Reliable in partnership


    We bring superior solutions tuned to our clients and society expectations and needs.

    Subset Companies

    Petro polymer Shargh (PPS) founded in 2005 to provide industrial solution to the problem of recycling domestic plastic waste and to minimize the environmental impact of post consumer plastics. Thanks to its modern high technology machinery, PPS produce 3-layer PET film with FDA approval for food packaging industry from post consumer PET bottles.

    PPS focuses exclusively on development and marketing innovative and varied new products derived from recycled PET and remains leader in growing market of plastic packaging.

    The company established in 2005 with its primary aim of producing renewable energies and waste treatment. It is well known as the first company in Iran introducing plasma technology to convert waste to energy. Company is also working on other technologies such as Pyrolisis to create energy in the form of electricity or heat from waste sources. Other main assignment of the company is to locate and develop CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects in Iran. Most related areas that we are currently working are landfills, wind farms, hydro power plants and waste water treatment projects.



    Karavaran International Trading Company (KITCO)
    2nd Flr, 121, Khoramshahr Ave, Tehran, Iran

    Tel:          +98 21 88751600
    Fax:         +98 21 88520816

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