Subset Companies  
  • Shargh Petro Polymer Company
  • Petro Polymer Shargh (PPS) was founded in 2005 to provide an industrial solution to the problem of recycling domestic waste plastics and minimize the environmental impact of post-consumer plastics. Thanks to its modern high-technology machinery, PPS produce 3-layer PET Sheet with FDA approval for food packaging industry from post-consumer PET bottles. Modern, well-equipped laboratory ensures unparalleled quality control standards for all products and this lead PPS to achieve FDA and EFSA approval.

    Petro Polymer Shargh is the pioneer in the introduction of recycled PET to different kind of markets .

    In order to remain attentive to our clients' needs , we have developed a large range of R-PET Flake products such as ,3 Layer PET SHEET and R-PET FOAM that meet the requirements of different sectors, such as the FOOD PACKAGING , BUILDING , AUTOMOTIVE , FOAMED PIPES , PIPING INSULATION and many industrial applications . .

  • Shargh renewable energy Company
  • The company established in 2005 with its primary aim of producing renewable energies and waste treatment. It is well known as the first company in Iran introducing plasma technology to convert waste to energy. Company is also working on other technologies such as Pyrolisis to create energy in the form of electricity or heat from waste sources. Other main assignment of the company is to locate and develop CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects in Iran. Most related areas that we are currently working are landfills, wind farms, hydro power plants and waste water treatment projects.  
  • No by-product will go unused according to Geoplasma
  • Our mission is to help environmental for safe life
  • CDM clean development mechanism under KYOTO PROTOCOL
  • Environmental responsible
  • Caring for where we live
  • Worldwide waste generation is on the rise and in an effort to stem the tide, consumers and households in many countries have long been tasked to separate their wastes prior to disposal to facilitate materials recovery and recycling. Waste management is being dealt with increasingly at a national strategic level, and all actors in the economy are increasingly at a national strategic level and all actors in the economy are increasingly expected to do their share to minimize waste and maximize recovery of waste materials.
  • Darben Smoothie 
  • Tabiat Faravardeh Darben Co. has been established since almost 2 years ago. It is the first company in Iran which offers smoothie -with real fruits- as its main and only drink. Company product is a mixture of various natural fruits, sugar free and without any additives. This healthy blended beverage dedicate to all sport women and men and those who care their fitness and healthiness. Company has grown to include over 2 branches in Tehran and one in Kish Island.
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